Recording Updates

Hey Guys,

We are in the middle of recording the final four episodes of the season. YAY! Due to scheduling and such, we happy hosts can't always get together -- so delays are expected and yup, it sucks but hey, the job gets done in the end. :)

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Episode 06 Delay

Hey all, 

Episode 6's editing is a little behind, so there will not be an update tonight. :( 

But no worries! The wait won't be too long, I got 'cha. 



Episode 3 Delay



Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for all of your support. I must apologize, it has been a rip roaring two weeks and unfortunately the podcast has been affected in the process. I'm currently still in the midst of editing future episodes and due to outside influences I haven't had the chance to do it right. Yikes! So, expect something really soon from us and I hope you'll enjoy it. 

Thanks again,


Upcoming Soon!

Hey! Thanks for checking out the website! Episodes of Who's Impressed will be posted here weekly, so come on back and give a listen or catch us on your favorite podcatcher.